Shire of Stormvale

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Description: Leader of the group.

Name: Forester Erevon Fitzgerald | Ed Fitzgerald

Phone Number: (810) 624-7788

Email Address: stormvale.seneschal at midrealm dot org


Description: Helps new people feel welcomed and find clothing.

Name: THL Eron Morgana oLir Nic Duglas Crawford Ni Fitzgerald | Colleen Fitzgerald

Phone Number: (810) 234-1733 | Preferred Contact

Email Address: stormvale.chatelaine at midrealm dot org


Description: Keeps the website updated.

Name: Lady Derverguillia Graham | Velvet Cook

Email Address: stormvale.webminister at midrealm dot org


Description: Keeps track of the groups' money.

Name: vacant | vacant

Phone Number: vacant

Email Address: stormvale.exchequer at midrealm dot org | Preferred Contact


Description: Assists with names and devices.

Name: Lord Beorn of Delvingrim | Lester Watts

Email Address: beornofdelvingrim at yahoo dot com

Group Archery Marshal:

Description: Runs archery practice.

Name: Forester Gerard von Löwenstein | Lee Hillier

Email Address: gerardvl at chartermi dot net

Arts & Sciences Minister:

Description: Promotes the study of period culture and methods for producing historically accurate artifacts and performances.

Name: THL Bronwyn of Brightoaks | Laurie LaLonde

Phone Number: (810) 653-6638 | Preferred Contact

Email Address: stormvale.moas at midrealm dot org

The offices below are vacant. If you are interested in one of these offices please contact the Seneschal.

Knight's Marshal:

Description: Runs heavy fighters practice.

Name: Vacant | Vacant

Phone Number: Vacant

Email Address: stormvale.marshal at midrealm dot org


Description: Responsible for group newsletter.

Name: Vacant | Vacant

Phone Number: Vacant

Email Address: stormvale.chronicler at midrealm dot org

Minister of Youth:

Description: In charge of youth activities.

Name: Vacant | Vacant

Phone Number: Vacant

Email Address: stormvale.youth at midrealm dot org


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